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Anthracite is a diorama world inhabited by odd little creatures.  These lil guys will think tiny little thoughts, and act on their interests.  They'll have micro brains and micro organs.  The player can passively watch, or can poke things to see what happens.  Ultimately there will be some secrets for the player to uncover, and work to be done!

Anthracite is a project I plan to slowly work on for a long time.  The idea is to develop a cute little diorama world inhabited by hand-drawn creatures.  I have an entire sketchbook of ideas, and I know I'm massively inspired by the works of Roboticist Steve Grand, Noble Ape's Tom Barbalet, and the brilliant Dr. David Ackley. I think the true goal here is to extract the living mechanisms from Nambug (another project of mine) and stick them in a petri dish for players to gently prod and nurture. 

Currently, this page is little more than a placeholder for a game in extremely early rough stages.  I will add information when there is more to show.

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